Mechanical Services

Let the Millwrights at TCB help you with your hydraulic needs. We specialize in repair and replacement of hydraulic systems and have access to a large inventory of quality Eaton parts with thousands of parts available overnight.
We can assist with a wide range of services:

  • Pump repair or replacement
  • Custom hose builds
  • Hose repairs 
  • Hydraulic system repairs/refurbishment
  • Hydraulic system designs
  • Installing pumps and hydraulic systems on trucks
  • Pumping skids for hydraulics or other fluids

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Services

Hydraulic cylinder services for industrial and artificial lift system of any makes.

  • Refurbish Cylinder from 2” to 6” diameter, 1’ to 12’ long
  • Cylinder Disassembly
  • Component Inspection
  • Honing Cylinder from 3” to 6” diameter, 1’ to 12’ long
  • Cylinder Re-tubing
  • Rod Repair and Machine New Parts
  • Gland Repair and Machine New Parts
  • Installation of Seals
  • Re-assembly and Testing 

TCB = Taking Care of Your Business

We take innovation to the next level by creating new models, designs, methods and products.

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